Haiti 2021

Haiti 2021

sharing christ with a broken nation

xFaith: Season one - haiti (2021)

Shot entirely in Haiti, and in the Haitian Creole language, the film tells the story of Wilky – a teen who encountered Jesus and began on a path of ministry – and his father, Raphael, a farmer who becomes the Chief Voodoo priest in their village.

The story behind the story of the making of the testimonial movie, “Dét Mwen Yo Peye” (Paid In Full)

Production: May-June 2021
Completion: January 2022

Ministry Partner: CARHA.net

xFAITH presents both the joys and the challenges of filming in remote regions, with a novice cast, without electricity, in the blistering Haitian summer, not speaking the language, and never before having been exposed to a culture wrapped in Voodoo.


Armed with the unstoppable faith of the Lord God and the talents that He has entrusted, the xTEAM risked it all to bring you this 6-episode series about the mission of Rogue Marble, life in Haiti, and both the challenges and joys of producing testimonial, indigenous films.

Over the course of the team’s trips to Haiti, from February to October 2021, they have witnessed the rapid disintegration of the government and the barely existent infrastructure. The President was assassinated. There was yet another major earthquake immediately followed by a hurricane. As the gangs grow in power to fill the vacuum, Haiti has become the kidnapping capital of the world and is currently immobilized by a nation-wide fuel outage.


Christian Action Relief for Haiti
is using the film to spread
the Gospel throughout Haiti.